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Hi! I got this blue blouse from my granny's aunt and didn't want to sell it on flea market, because of its interesting fabric and design. Haven't worn colors that much, right? Haha.. What do you think?

Moi! Sain tämän pusakan mummini tädiltä ja en halunnut myydä sitä kirpparilla, koska sen kangas on aika erikoista ja myös malli on hauska! Enpä ole värejä liikaa käyttänyt, vai mitä? Haha.. Mitäs pidätte?

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  1. love the blouse, super cool!

  2. You look absolutely stunning in that top's periwinkle colour, it matches your fair skin tone very well :)
    Keeping it was a very good choice, that top is very unique and suits you like a glove!

    Just ran into your blog for the first time, I had never seen it before. But after looking at a few blog posts I can see that you have lovely style, good photography, plus your blog is translated to English so I can actually understand your writing (it's so sad to find good blogs that only write in their mother tongue...because Google translator is awful)
    Also, you look old for a 16 year old (in a good way though) :)
    Kisses from your new follower in Spain xxx
    La vie en low-cost

    1. Thanks, glad to hear that you like! :) <3