Time to Celebrate; Two Years of Blogging

Hi! So now is definitely the time to celebrate; my blog has its birthday today! Now I've been blogging for two years! Time flies.. I'm not going to tell about the work I've done for this, I'm going to thank you. Even tough I'm not "a huge blogger" and I don't have that many readers yet, I'm so grateful and.. I want you to know how every lovely comment really warms my heart. Two years ago I would have never guessed that I will have a sponsor, 400 fans on Lookbook, photos of me on fashion magazine and you. 

I started my blog as Rocking Zebra, but a year after that I changed it to Greetta Grace. It felt more comfortable. I hope you have enjoyed and I try to make this blog look like me more and more. All I have to say is: Thank you, really... <3

Please, ask me, if you have something on your mind.. I'd be more than delighted to answer to your questions.. :)



  1. Happy Birthday Dear :)