New Boots

jacket -Second Hand / scarf -Zara /  boots -Global Essentials

Hi! Finally I got to wear my boots! I bought them in the summer, but didn't wear them, because.. well, because the summer! Haha.. Btw, there were three pics of me in the Finnish fashion magazine "Costume". Haha, maybe not a big deal for everyone, but I was so excited. It brings on my mind, why I want to blog and why I love to do this all. It's my dream. Nothing is more amazing than see your own photograph or name in a fashion magazine.. I guess! Hope you had a great day!

Moi! Pääsin vihdoin käyttämään buutsejani! Ostin ne kesällä, mutta en päässyt käyttämään niitä, noh kesän takia! Haha.. Muuten, minusta oli kolme kuvaa muotilehti Costumessa. Ei ehkä niin isojuttu kaikille, mutta olin kyllä aivan fiiliksissä. Se tuo mieleeni, miksi haluan blogata ja miksi rakastan tämän kaiken tekemistä. Se on unelmani. Mikään ei ole uskomattomampaa kuin nähdä oma kuva tai nimi muotilehdessä.. Luulen! Toivottavasti kaikilla oli kiva päivä!



  1. Your new boots are beautiful! Love the blazer as well :)

    Wardrobe Quarry

  2. Jayme22.9.13

    I adore your new boots, and I love that look so beautiful in creme/white colors.......

    What a lovely smile you have. By the way, I love Chopin's nocturnes as well.......

    I've played the piano almost as long as I've done ballet.


    1. Thanks! Oh, great to hear I'm not the only one listening to Chopin! Playing the piano is truly a wonderful hobby.. :)

    2. Jayme24.9.13

      It's funny, Greeta, I usually like to practice piano right after I come home from ballet......... so sometimes I'm still in my dancewear........ I get teased by mom about practicing piano in the middle of our living room wearing tights/ a leotard and legwarmers. Oh well. It works for me