Easy Blazers

top -H&M blazer -Zara shorts -Mango shoes -Högl

Hi! Before you say that 'Woow, your shirt is so small!!', I can do it first! The story is right here, no; I've not gained weight, haha..: My mom, argh, washed it and because it's from h&m, it's now super small, yeeahh! I'm so angry, because I had used it only once.. Well, yesterday I saw my friends and decided to wear it again, little uncomfortable.. But, still wanted to share this outfit with you!
Luckily I have this lovely blazer that saves me every time. I really recommend to buy this kind of blazer, it's stylish for parties and for work and for school etc.
Oh, gosh, I'm so embarrassed to show this shirt to you, haha...


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  1. OMG! I love your blazer! It really stands out and doesn't look too "professional", if you know what I mean. :)