Paris - Day 6 (Part I)

vest -Zara top & pants -Topshop heels -Högl bag -Love Moschino sunglasses -Urban Outfitters

Hi! I had two outfits this day, so this is just the first part of the day. I will post you the next outfit maybe   today or tomorrow morning. I really love these pants that I bought from Topshop. I've been looking for them for a long time! I wore this quite classic and modern look for my shopping day (and wanted to look kind of rich, haha..) Well, that's the truth. I really love to visit for example Kenzo and Louis Vuitton, but they look you in a weird way if you wear some beanie etc. Haha... This sounds so weird! I don't know that do you agree with me or what? This is so awkward... :D


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