London Love - Day 3

trench -Vintage hat -American Apparel dress -COS loafers -Ril's bag -Lindex

Hi! I really love this post, haha even tough it's my own.. But this is the style I just love! Classy, simple, beige and fresh. And those chicks were super cute! I bought this gorgeous hat, that I just adore soo much, from American Apparel. It was really a find, because.. Ahh, I can't even describe how much I love it! It's just perfect with its beautiful color. This day was actually the best ones in my whole life. There just happened so much amazing things and I love London so much that, ahh.. So lots of love in this post.<3

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  1. love that outfit too ; from what I can see in these pics, that's an amazing dress .. love the fabric. take care and enjoy London.

  2. nice blog!

    XoXo I waiting for you on my blog!

  3. So lovely! Fab hat :D Glad you're enjoying London! x