LONDON - day 2

top -Monki skirt (-Weekday I'm not 100% sure, I will find that out soon!) loafers -Ril's jacket -BikBok bag -Lindex

Hi! So finally I had the time to wear my gorgeous skirt, well it wasn't a good idea.. It was so cold in London that woahh! We visited Madame Tussauds (hope that I wrote it right!), it was one of my favorite things in the whole trip. It was just so cool to be next to my "idols". I love Freddie Mercury and Leonardo DiCaprio, so it was a huge thing to stand next to them. Haha, even though they aren't real.. It would be nice to share all my pics from there, but they are a bit awkward.. I got a bit excited and well, especially my poses next to Jim Carrey became too wild! 

Now I have news for you! Important! You may already know:
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  1. Anonymous17.6.13

    You look absolutely gorgeous. I really like your skirt.


    Style of Purity

  2. Love the jacket and skirt together, one of your best looks so far!

    Inbal @ Bullchic

  3. Love the jacket and your hair looks great!