Cookies and Outfits

Hi! These are the things I have done lately. Taking pics, doing exams, baking and I even put a hammock in the middle of the forest.. Just waiting to buy some books and relax in my new hammock. And those cookies were absolutely amazing! The recipe is from the blog called Sally's baking addiction. You need to go there! I'm in love with american cookies and.. Well, you have to see it yourself! I can just say that there are over 70 cookie recipes. 
I hadn't time to post those outfits so here they are! My summer holiday just begin and I am super excited! Tell me, what are your summer plans.. Do you have any ideas?



  1. Nice pics! And i like your hammock ))

  2. Kiva blogi ja hyvännäköisiä keksejä! Luulen että olen itsekin leiponut juuri tuolla samalla reseptillä chocolate chip cookieseja ja ovat kyllä todella hyviä! :)