Leather Shoes and Old Furs

(From top - left to right) -Vagabond -Vagabond -Vintage - Vagabond -Bianco Footwear
All -H&M
Hello! Happy friday, the favorite day of the week! Do you have any plans? I don't have, I am just writing, reading, making pizza and eating. Sounds fun, doesn't it? I like to keep my freetime very simple. I don't like to party all day and all night.
In the first pic I chose my favorite leather boots (and ballerinas). I've been thinking which kind of boots I would like to buy and it's very hard. In Finland we have so cold in the winters and those "wintershoes" are very ugly. Which one is your favorite shoe of the pic?
Pic number two... Those socks very so lovely that I had to buy them. I think they will look so nice with some boots.
In the last pic there is my granny's fur. I wore it last winter too, but I was quite a shy to wear it. It's a real fur. I am a vegetarian so it's a little creepy for me, but I still love fashion so I am a kind of confused. Help me! Am I a horrible person, if I wear it? The coat's animal died about 60 years ago..
confused Greetta Grace


  1. Oh I love these boots!!! And the fur jacket of course!!! Let's follow each other with bloglovin!


    1. Sounds good! Followed you on bloglovin, hope you do now the same<3:)

      Greetta Grace

  2. your granny surely has a great taste. that fur jacket looks trendy!


  3. It coudn't be any better

  4. Hi dear thanks for visited my blog :)
    btw i love your boots so much! love it!

    btw would you like to follow each other? so we can keep in touch :D
    please let me know if you want dear :D


  5. That jacket is beautiful!
    I would wear it because there's no point wasting it as the animals already died and you can stop more animals being killed but you cant do anything about this- so why waste a beautiful coat?

    Check out my blog: http://georgiabellalily.blogspot.co.uk