Hello my dear readers, or should I say goodbyes? 

This isn't a goodbye for you, it's a goodbye for Greetta Grace. I did Greetta Grace for about four years, at first it was the Rocking Zebra blog for some reason.. But yeah, I built up a new blog called TwoLayers&Edge, because I wanted to say goodbye to my old life and show people what I want to be and do - not what I did and looked like and said. Ofc the past is following everyone, but I felt like this blog is literally just dying. You know when you are about 14-15 and then you have to write the same blog 3-4 years later… Meh! That doesn't sound very tempting.

I really hope you check my new blog TwoLayers&Edge if you are still interested about my style and stuff like that. I'm working on my career atm as I finished high school so a lot of interesting stuff happening!

Huge Thank You!

Greetta Grace / Greetta


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